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We believe man is a triune being defined as spirit, soul and body. Revelation is defined as the unveiling of a previously unknown mystery. But, if revelation is not timeless it will not affect future generations or the spirits of men. Jesus is the door to the timeless dimensions of eternity and His Word is the substance for your journey.


The Advanced Training at Voice of The Light Ministries is founded under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and is administered through the direction of its founders, Emerson and Ana Ferrell.

Advanced Training - Experience the Difference!

Receive truth that will rip off the veil that has hidden your true nature and identity.

Receive powerful and timely teachings to understand the invisible dimensions.

Receive essential tools and materials to help you study, grow and advance in your ever-ascending revelation of the living Christ.

Build relationships as you virtually connect with the body of Christ and to His relevant presence that will change you and generations to come.

The Advanced Training Sessions are taught through online Virtual Communication:

Live Streaming, Webinars, Scheduled Live Sessions and Pre-Recorded On Demand Sessions.

Etiquette & Equipment Requirements:

  • We ask that you use your best behavior during our live courses. Advanced Training at VOTLM reserves the right to deny entrance to our LIVE Sessions to those who show persistent disruptive behavior that distracts others.
  • Students who register for LIVE Sessions should ATTEND and PARTICIPATE in those sessions.
  • Participants should have access to a computer with a microphone and camera and be familiar with the programs VOTLM uses.
  • Please REVIEW equipment REQUIREMENTS and PROGRAMS USED to participate in the Advanced Training LIVE Sessions and to access the pre-recorded ONDEMAND Sessions.